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Caldas da Rainha

Caldas da Rainha is a city in the Leiria district of the Cento region in Portugal. The city with the population of about 25,000 people is the center of the Oeste sub-region where the municipal authorities are located. Caldas da Rainha was founded by the Portuguese queen Leonor in the fifteenth century as the thermal hospital with curing springs, which become one of the first institutions of its kind in the world. Then the small settlement was granted the status of a town and only in the twentieth century it grew into a city. The economy of Caldas da Rainha is now based on service sector, while industry and agriculture are not so important. There is also located a number of banks as well as many supermarkets and different international service chains such as Mango, McDonald's and Staples.

The whole district of Leiria as well as Caldas da Rainha can offer tourists a wide variety of accommodations. You can always book a room in the hotel or a holiday home in Leiria. The most popular and luxurious hotels in Leiria are Bom Sucesso Holiday Design Villas, Praia D´El Rey Marriott Golf & Beach Resort, Hotel Cristal Praia Resort & Spa, Atlântico Golfe Hotel and others. The combination of the best hotels and thermal springs of Caldas da Rainha can please any tourist. Here you can enjoy all the services and facilities of the hotels in Caldas da Rainha such as pools, bars, restaurants with local and international cuisines, gyms and, of course, go to the Atlantic Ocean.

In addition in Caldas da Rainha there are a lot of attractions. The main of them are The Igreja Nossa Senhora do Pópulo a gothic church built in the time of the founding of the city, The Centro de Artes museum, The Museu de Cerâmica, Parque D. Carlos I, Praça da República and statue of Queen Queen Leonor located at the entrance of the city.

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